Export control restrictions applicable to the products and technology are directly related to their technical features, functionality and end-use application. As such, a fundamental step in the determination of controls is to assign an export control classification number (ECCN) (or USML classification for defense articles) to the product and technology, commonly known as export control classification process.

Linqs’s trade compliance consultants are not only experienced and mastered in the analysis of applicable export control regulations but they also hold advanced degrees in high-technology industry sectors, such as electronics, semiconductors, computer, information security, software, telecommunications, aerospace, material science, and energy. Our export classification practice starts with thorough review of the features of the system, equipment, component, software as well as the technology to design, develop and produce the item. We provide a documented export control classification number (ECCN) or USML classification for the item and, if necessary, we file the official ECCN determination application and/or Commodity Jurisdiction (also known as CJ) application with the U.S. Government agencies. In addition, our experts will advise you the best practices of embedding the necessary trade classification controls in your product development process and in your research & development environment.

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