Determination of the export license need is the crucial step before an export transaction and before exposure of a non-U.S. person to a sensitive technology. In some cases, there may be a license exception eligible for the case with certain conditions and limitations. Linqs’s experienced trade compliance consultants carefully evaluate the transaction and navigate the companies in the complicated world of the licensing. Some of our licensing related services include the following:

  • Applications to U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of State, and/or U.S. Department of Treasury for commodity and technology transfers to customers, subcontractors, partners, subsidiaries and other entities located abroad.
  • Deemed export license applications for hiring non-U.S. persons to sensitive positions.
  • EAR, ITAR and NRC License exception analysis, and guidance.
  • Re-export license applications for items manufactured by foreign entities with U.S. originated commodity and/or technology.
  • ITAR export license application for exporting a defense article and/or defense service to entities located abroad.
  • ITAR export license application to provide a defense service or technical data to non-U.S. persons.
  • Validation of export license and resolution of issues with the Department of Commerce, Department of State and/or Department of Treasury.

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