FBX Selects Linqs for Compliance with the EAR & ITAR

FBX, subsidiary of a Dutch holding, is a North Carolina based manufacturer of engines and drives for industrial applications. Its products are mostly subject to the EAR and falls under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Commerce – Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). When the senior management of FBX considered bidding on projects for the U.S. Navy vessels they quickly realized that technology received from the primary defense contractors would be EAR (600 series) or ITAR controlled. The company needed to segregate the design and production areas, develop a Technology Control Plan, carefully classify the products and technology, properly mark the received and submitted technology/documentation, and ensure that no unauthorized disclosure of technology to foreign persons/parties occur at anytime.

How Linqs Helped FBX?

After thorough review of processes, operations and products, Linqs assigned classifications to involved products and technology under the EAR/ITAR. Following the completion of the company registration with the U.S. Department of State as a defense article manufacturer, Linqs developed a comprehensive ITAR Technology Control Plan (TCP) for FBX. The project particularly focused on seamless integration of the TCP, existing Export Compliance Program (ECP), IT security procedures as well as company’s newly developed NIST800-171 Cyber Security compliance System Security Plan (SSP). In addition, FBX customer/vendor/partner onboarding process was revised to include Linqs DPS/SPS software with well-defined instructions. Once the employee training sessions were finalized, Linqs helped to establish secure file storage with end-to-end encryption features, and marked the documentation to ensure they are routed to correct folders where only authorized personnel in identified business units can access. Linqs also assisted FBX to obtain several ITAR export licenses for submission of certain controlled technology its foreign suppliers.

FBX Selects Linqs as ITAR Compliance Partner
FBX Selects Linqs as ITAR Compliance Partner

Compliance Posture of FBX Today

With its carefully crafted compliance program and trained employees, FBX receives, processes, and handles the EAR (600 series) and ITAR controlled technology in its facilities. The company has segregated and isolated the design and production sites for specially designed defense articles, and maintains secure file sharing platform to enable collaborative product development with proper access controls.

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