ISTech Selects Linqs for Compliance with the EAR & ITAR

ISTech is a medium sized business with offices in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Since the founding of the company it acted as a subcontractor of major U.S. defense manufacturers. With a program mostly focusing on obtaining authorization to export products to its customers located in Europe and Asia, ISTech lacked the comprehensive approach in export compliance. The executive management was also investigating the ways of using company’s foreign subsidiaries more effectively, mainly because they offer low-cost manufacturing option and are located in close proximity of contractors and customers in Asia.


How Linqs Assisted ISTech?

During the interviews and site assessment Linqs identified areas where the processes could be improved to ensure the foreign subsidiaries can be more involved in design and production stages. Linqs developed a comprehensive Export Compliance Program for ISTech with elements including Order Management, Hiring, Visitor Management, and enhanced IT and physical access control sections with detailed technology transfer protocols, templates, and checklists. In addition, ISTech customer/vendor/partner screening and vetting process was further streamlined to include automated software (Linqs Denied Party Screening) with well-defined instructions. One of the ongoing services that Linqs provides to ISTech is the review and classification of ITAR/EAR controlled documentation. Specifically, Linqs classification experts access the ISTech’s software platform to review and properly mark the documentation to ensure they are routed to correct folders where only authorized personnel in identified countries have access.

ISTech Selects Linqs as ITAR Compliance Partner


Compliance Posture of ISTech Today

With its robust export compliance program and trained employees, ISTech now easily  processes and handles the EAR and ITAR controlled technology in its domestic and foreign facilities. Moreover, hiring and visitor access control processes are streamlined, and customer/vendor/partner screening and vetting process is now fully automated with Linqs solutions. The company also maintains cloud based secure file sharing platform to enable collaborative product development with proper access controls.

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