TCraft Preferred Linqs for Compliance with the EAR & ITAR

TCraft is a Texas based medium size business with offices located in the U.S. and France. Their product line includes patented jet engine components that are extensively used today by the commercial aircraft manufacturers. The executive management was interested in undertaking defense article manufacturing projects to help increase their market share. In parallel, the company was looking for ways of dedicating parts of its facilities to design and manufacture engine parts specifically for defense contractors. TCraft requested Linqs to assist improving its compliance posture by adding ITAR related controls and processes to its operations.

TCraft Preferred Linqs for ITAR Compliance


How Linqs Assisted TCraft?

Linqs reviewed the products and technology as well as existing processes, including access control, IT systems, order management, customer and supplier onboarding, hiring, and visitor management at TCraft. Followed by the interviews, areas that need improvement in order to design, develop, and manufacture ITAR controlled defense articles were identified. Thereafter, Linqs developed a comprehensive Technology Control Plan for TCraft with critical elements describing the technology (and product) transfer protocols, templates, and checklists. ITAR Control Plan was seamlessly integrated into existing Export Compliance Program (ECP) and Information Security guidelines. Linqs also advised TCraft on modifications in the existing processes and documentation so that gaps are closed and processes are further optimized. In addition, TCraft customer/vendor/partner vetting process was streamlined to include an automated software with well-defined instructions. Apart from providing several employee training sessions, our experts also classified the company products and technology, and subsequently marked the hundreds of controlled documentation.


Compliance Posture of TCraft Today

It is important that a compliance program elements and processes should seamlessly work together, regardless of the goods and technology are controlled under the EAR or ITAR. With its robust Export Compliance Program and properly trained employees, TCraft now processes and handles the EAR and ITAR controlled technology together in its facilities and manufactures defense articles in segregated areas.

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